South China Sea at Dusk, 2014

Vietnamese Dragon Lakes, 2014

Kerala Backwater, 2018

Heaven & Earth Symmetry, Coney Island, County Sligo, Ireland, 2018

Each Rock a Gem, Coney Island, County Sligo, Ireland

Sunset Power, Paterson Falls after 7 days of rain, NJ,  2005

Rainbow in the Mist at the Portal, Paterson Falls, NJ, 2007

Rainbow Heart, Paterson Falls, NJ 2007

Evening Vertical Rainbow, Paterson Falls, 2005

Gulfoss, looking across the cataract, Gulfoss, Iceland 2010

Path around the mountain with Rainbow, Gulfoss, Iceland 2010

Gulfoss: One and a half miles of waterfall, Iceland, 2010

Frozen dew on leaf stubble, Gulfoss, Iceland, 2010 

Closeup of reed stubble, Gulfoss Icenadl -22

Black River with stones and fallen timper "bearded" with ice.

Chromatic Frequency, Forbidding Cove, Lake Powell, UT

Dragon's Breath, Forbidding Cove, Lake Powell, UT

Liquid Marble, Forbidding Cove, Lake Powell, UT

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