Cappadocia Sunrise  

Lines of (Volcanic) Character

Dawn EKG

Kerala Backwater

Sky Behind the Cliff

Niapiskau Père et Fils

The Grave—Grotte di Castellana

Burnt Cape Anvil, Newfoundland

Devonian Bands

Mountain Shadow

Floating Island

Crack in the Ice Canyon, Mongolia

Grotta di Zinzulusa

White Stalagmites

Lizard Phalanx, Wadi Rum

Molokai (Hawaii) from a Copter

Grave Ancestors

Late Afternoon Sun on the Causeway

Giant's Causeway at Dusk

Point Lobos Diagonal (miniscape)

Beaded Ordovician (miniscape)

Sand River for J. P.

Tafoni Hump

Blood Lava

Wrapped in an Enigma

Obscene Eye

Thor's Eye

Little Painted Fauvees

Little Painted Desert

Painted Hills, Oregon

Sleeping Giant at Dawn

The Unanswered Question

Tufa Isle, Mid-Morning, Mono Lake

Swerving Square

Looking Up into the Crack

Antelope Ambiance  


The Saddle

The Sweep

Beached Skull Rock, Salt Point State Park, CA

Up the Little Colorado River

Grand Falls, AZ

Maroon Bells, CO

Chromatic Thermophilic Microbes

Mammoth Hot Springs

Steens Mountain, Oregon

Lower Calf Creek Falls

Medicine Wheel, Wyoming

Horseshoe Bend at Dusk

Mono Dusk, Mono Lake, California

White Pocket Dusk

White Pocket Dawn

Stars Through the Slot

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