Bryce Snow Globe

On a Weary Climb Two Travelers

Tree Tiff, Bryce Canyon 

Crater Lake

Devil's Punchbowl

Dry Falls

Manuscript in the Rock

Abandoned Barn

Natural Cubism.1

Natural Cubism with Barbed Wire

Natural Cubism.2

Picasso Face in Crack-in-the-Ground (Oregon)

Mouths Everywhere

Northwest Sky

Horsethief Lake Voracity

Fossil Monster, Jenny Canyon, Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

Natural Obelisk, Lower Antelope Canyon

Natural Bridge, Lower Antelope Canyon

Moon Profile, Lower Antelope Canyon

Birth Canal, Jenny Canyon, Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

Giger Twins, Route 24, Utah

Cyclopian Monodont, Valley of Fire, Nevada

Comet NEOWISE & Milky Way, from Oregon

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