Geological landscape, evokes the ruin of a city

Unreal City, Bisti Badlands, New Mexico, 2016

Geological landscape

Approach to the Castle, Bisti Badlands, New Mexico, 2016

Technically a large "tafonu" or cavity—with smaller ones inside. The interior is hollow. It was used for hundreds of years as a shelter for shepherds during the transhumance—the seasonal transfer of flocks up and down the mountain.

Oriu di Canni, SE Corsica, 2019

Imaginary beast decked out with tafoni—the honeycomb-like cavities.

Tafonaceros, Salt Point State Park, California, 2015

Lots of fascinating granites on Ouessant, the farthest west territory of continental France.

Extra-Terrestrial Rock Pile, Ile de Ouessant, France, 2019

Intra-Terrestrial, Crack-in-the-Ground, near Christmas Valley, Oregon, 2020

Playground for the Mind, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, 2020

Limpet Spawn, Roche's Point, County Cork, Ireland, 2017

A complex mud mosaic showing evidence of three or four rainstorms, all of which dried at different rates.

Palimpsest, Bisti Badlands, New Mexico, 2016

Phantom Silhouette with Tafoni, Malaspina Gallery, Gabriola Island, British Columbia, 2004

Disheveled Needles (Frostwork), Is Zuddas Cave, Sardinia, Italy, 2018

Near the home of Salvador Dalí

Fossil Banshe, S'Alqueria petita, Port Lligat, Spain

Discovered completely by accident. Not part of any park. Close to the highway.

Giger Twins, off Route 24, Utah, 2020

Evolution of the Face, Ile de Ouessant, France, 2020

Cadets, Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, 2021

The Usual Suspects, Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, 2021

Curmudgeon, Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, 2021

Jester, Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, 2021

Valley Girl, Little Finland, Nevada, 2021

Dream of Fear and Desire, Little Finland, Nevada, 2021

Guardian, Little Finland, Nevada, 2021

Standoff, Little Finland, Nevada, 2021

Saurian Guard, Little Finland, Nevada, 2021

Cocodrillian, Little Finland, Nevada, 2021

Mask, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, 2021

Many cowboy movies were made in the Alabama Hills during the 50s and 60s. Informative plaques and pamphlets tell where many of them were made in the geography of the area, which lies in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada, near Lone Pine, CA.

Shmoo Solidarity, Alabama Hills, California, 2021

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