Each image represents its own series. Arrows to advance the images appear when cursor hovers.

L'Anglin at Angles
The slow moving Anglin River seen from the 16th century ruin of the Bishop's Palace on a cliff above. The town is also known for the famous Paleolithic site, le Roque aux sorciers (14,300 years before the present).
Dawn over Cappadocia
The exceptional volcanic geology of Cappadocia in Central Turkey has a rich history—and many hot air balloon companies. Digital capture, 2014
Known for its exceptional landscapes, this mountainous cirque in northeastern Mongolia is an easy drive from the capital, Ulaan Baator. The overcast sky was very favorable to differential spot-lighting from the sun. Digital capture, 2014
Khongoryn Els Dunes
Also known as the "Singing Dunes," they extend about 100 km and average 12 km wide and reach heights of 300 m. They are 180 km west of Dalandzagdag, Mongolia, where tours start from. Digital capture, 2014.
Yolyn An
The ice canyon of Yolyn An, Mongolia, surrounded by the Gobi Desert, stays frozen until July of each year. My visit was in May. The weather was dense fog, which added to the mystery. Digital capture, 2014.
Intergalactic Cave
The Surprise Cave is said to be the best cave in Halong Bay, Vietnam (about 100 km east of Hanoi). The dense moisture in the air is illuminated by the light streaming in from the exit ahead. Digital capture, 2014.
Halong Bay from Surprise Cave
The exit to Surprise Cave provides a frame for a view of the small mountains of granite that lend this bay its charm. There are 1967 of them. Digital capture, 2014.
Tsegi Overlook
A view of Canyon de Chelly, New Mexico, an area deemed holy by the Navajo. The threatening rain arrived later—in buckets. Film capture, 2002.
Catskill Sunset
Over a placid lake near Ellenville, NY. Digital capture, 2010.
Lake Josephine & Reflecting Pond
On the Grinnell Glacier Trail, Glacier National Park, Montana. Digital capture, 2008.
Summer Snow
View from Hidden Lake Trail in Glacier National Park, Montana. Digital capture, 2008.
The Hall of the Mountain King
Antelope Canyon (slot canyon), Page, Arizona, illuminated from within on a moonless night. 30-second exposure Digital capture, 2012.
Lincoln Tunnel Cirque
The canyon-like high-rises of New York surround the "valley" of the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel creating an architectural cirque, normally a valley surrounded on three sides by mountains. Digital capture, 2006.
York Avenue Gradient
Taken from the Roosevelt Island tram on a wet afternoon. Digital capture, 2006.
Medicine Wheel Hub
A sacred Native American site in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming at sunset. Digital capture, 2008.
Midway Geyser Basin
Yellowstone Park. Digital capture, 2008.
Fort Hancock Silhouette
Situated at the end of Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Digital capture, 2009.
Lake Jenny Crepuscule
After sunset. Grand Tetons National Park. Digital capture, 2008.
World of Duckweed
The Doris Duke Estate in the fall. Digital capture, 2013.
High Falls, Rochester
The Genesee River passes through Rochester, NY, right before flowing into Lake Ontario. Ice and snow here embellishes the drabness of winter in a particularly harmonious way. Digital capture, 2013.