Each image represents its own series. Arrows to advance the images appear when cursor hovers.

Argus Ice
Ice Fractures
Chester Ice Fringes
Breath of the Dragon's Eye
Frigid Panorama
Ice Goblins
Gulfoss from Agove
Ice Gremlins
Ice Flower—Meadowlands State Park, NJ
Fenced-In Rainbow
Ice Swoosh
Petroleum Port Reflections, St. Nazaire
Gulfoss & Goblins
Iceland's magnificent waterfall, mostly frozen in November, with late afternoon illumination on the "goblins" (reed stubs covered with ice) in the foreground.
Three Blunt Stalagmites
4-5 inch stalagmites formed on blades of grass by water dripping from above, Chester, NJ, 2004, film capture.
Cloud Cuckoo Land
From the air. Digital capture.
Backlight Drama
Paterson Falls towards sunset, 2005, digital capture.
Ground Rainbow
Paterson Falls, 2010, digital capture.
Formed by the accretion of ice on the rock wall of the gorge of Paterson Falls, 2007, digital capture.
Ice Railing
Paterson Falls, 2009, digital capture.