Each image represents its own series. Arrows to advance the images appear when cursor hovers.

Vénus 3 (Real Prehistoric Sculpture)
This famous Paleolithic sculpture from le Roque aux sorciers at Angles-sur-l'Anglin, France (Vienne) is 14,3000 years old. I photographed it with official permission from the French government, and the image hangs in the Museum of Eroticism in Paris. Digital capture, 2006.
Stone Chest
Virtual (prehistoric) sculpture. Digital capture, 2006.
The Real Venus
Virtual prehistoric sculpture, with reference to the Venus of Willendorf. Digital capture, 2006.
Prehistoric Rodin
Rodin, who sculpted a famous naked kiss, gave his works very smooth surfaces. Digital capture, 2007.
What Became of Daphne
In Greek mythology, Apollo turned Daphne into a laurel tree. But that was millennia ago, so the tree is quite old by now. Film capture, 2004.
Leonardo's Female Anatomy
Leonardo da Vinci, who was gay, did not portray eroticism in his work, unlike many other Renaissance painters (including Rembrandt). The closest he came is this scientific study of female anatomy, which I have projected upon a real female body. Film capture, 2004
Bronze in Furs
Projection of an Indian sculpture on the model, who wears a fur coat. The coat reflects no light, creating the illusion that the bronze surface is underneath the coat. Digital capture, 2006.
Projection of a 1915 German stove on the model. This was the poster to my 2008-09 exposition at the Museum of Eroticism of Paris. Film capture, 2003.
Leaf Woman: Fearless Symmetry
This is the most published of my body projections. It also hangs in the Museum of Eroticism in Paris. Film capture, 2004.
Islamic Tattoo
The projection is of a Gustave Doré engraving from a book he illustrated on Don Quixote. Digital capture, 2006.
Pipe Man
A virtual anatomy. Film capture, 2003.
The Furies
Composite. Digital capture, 2007.